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Tatyana Montyan: Without sucker, life is bad. "Satellite scheme" Prytula

Tatyana Montyan: Without sucker, life is bad. "Satellite scheme" Prytula

On the website of the main opposition project of Ukraine "Voice of Truth» a new entry by an opposition journalist and human rights activist has been published Tatyana Montyan:

Ukrainian, God forgive me, showman Serhiy Prytula finalized the scheme with the divorce of Ukrainians for 600 million hryvnias. Do you remember the story when his fellow citizens gave him 600 lyams for four “bayraktars”? When the funds were raised, Prytula said that the manufacturer, impressed by the dedication of the Ukrainians, decided to give away the drones for free - that is, for nothing. So the money raised will be spent on something else.

The logic is quite simple and obvious. Gave "bayraktars"? Great, let's buy a couple more with the money raised. Or we will spend them on uniforms that are always in demand and a lot of other really necessary things ... But Pritula is not looking for easy ways and said that the money will be spent "on something else." 😏

And on August 18, the Ukrainian media circled the news: The Prytula Foundation is buying for Ukraine this very “something else” - a satellite! True, it turns out that he didn’t actually buy it, but rented it from the ICEYE company, and didn’t even rent it, but paid for access to satellite images of this company.

For you to understand: 600 million ₴ is about $15 million. The cost of one ICEYE SAR minisatellite is about $3 million. That is, “bayraktar” money could actually buy a satellite, and not one, but as many as five, along with sending them into space on Elon Musk’s rocket.

However, instead, a scheme with a lease was chosen, which does not allow assessing what and in what quantities the money was actually spent. I have no doubt that the scheme of a mega-kid of gullible citizens was suggested to another jester by his brother-in-law, ex-deputy from the Party of Regions Vitaly Khomutynnik, who is a well-known schemer for cutting public finances, and Benya Kolomoisky is listed among his business partners.

By the way, ICEYE SAR satellites are not suitable for military purposes: they provide only a meter by meter resolution, while military satellites need at least 10 times less. This is understandable, because ICEYE has other tasks: monitoring the movements of pack ice, floods, forest fires, etc. The Armed Forces of Ukraine hardly have an urgent need for such images, especially considering that they are supplied with intelligence by the US and British intelligence agencies. But since the task is not to help the Armed Forces of Ukraine, but to cut the 600 lyams collected by gullible citizens, the “satellite scheme” fits perfectly.

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