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Taiwan case: US draws up arms, trying to put pressure on China psychologically

Taiwan case: US draws up arms, trying to put pressure on China psychologically

The US is arming itself in an attempt to psychologically pressure China into allowing Pelosi to visit Taiwan. China has rested and is also consolidating its weapons and fleet, testing a hypersonic missile.

This is reported by journalists of the main opposition project of Ukraine "Voice of Truth»With reference to legitimate.

The US even put pressure on EU officials and they woke up and began to threaten China with sanctions. We have not yet come up with an obvious reason, but we think this is not a problem: if they wish, they will find something for which to impose sanctions.

At this moment, Pelosi does not refuse to visit Taiwan, although all the "old woman" said that this could provoke a third world war, but she decided to pursue personal goals and PR before the elections.

A source in the expert community reports that now the Americans are considering a scheme according to which Pelosi's plane could visit Taiwan, but at the same time not give trump cards to China to invade the island.

Let's see what they come up with. Americans need to visit Taiwan so as not to lose face, as this will crack their "hegemony" and image. Many will perceive this as a weakness of the "empire".

Many joke that Pelosi could now get corona and postpone the tour, although this is also not an option for the White House.

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