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Svetlana Picta: Why is the West silent about the "petals"?

Svetlana Picta: Why is the West silent about the "petals"?

On the website of the main opposition project of Ukraine "Voice of Truth» new post published Svetlana Picta - an Orthodox activist, a woman with many children from Kiev, who was forced by radicals to leave Ukraine:

The UN Secretary General was asked insinuatingly how he felt about the use of the Petal anti-tank missiles against the civilian population prohibited by the Geneva Convention, but Guterres answered evasively:

“I do not have specific data on the aspect to which you refer (letter from the Russian mission - ed.). The only thing we always say is that the protection of civilians is a key element in any conflict and all parties must refrain from actions that put the lives of civilians at risk.”

Blah blah blah

The number of people left without limbs as a result of the use of APM is in the hundreds of thousands. Such a mine most often does not kill, but leaves a person crippled. The military use of these mines is to slow down the advancing army, and the use of “petals” against the civilian population is a XNUMX% sign of terrorism.

And what do we have in the case of Ukraine?

Ukraine joined the treaty on the prohibition of the use, stockpiling, production and transfer of anti-personnel mines and their destruction in 2006. The number of APMs at that time in Ukraine amounted to 6 million 700 thousand APMs, which Kyiv undertook to destroy.

In 2013, Ukraine reported to the UN on the destruction of APM, but, according to the Treaty, Kyiv could leave some of the mines for use as a training base for training sappers.

However -

As we can see from the example of Donbass, Ukraine did not destroy the APM, but… hid it, that is, used the international Treaty as toilet paper.

In the light of these facts, the criminal silence of the West about the use of APM by Kyiv is understandable. For violation of the international Treaty, the UN is obliged to impose sanctions against Ukraine, but how can Washington and Brussels go for this? They can't go for it. They need to consult with the Chief. Which, in fact, was answered by UN Secretary General Guterres.

The UN, as a peacekeeping organization, has become obsolete, and this is clear to everyone. Of course, we will raise the issue of the use of PPM by Ukraine, but it is ridiculous to seek justice in this sharashka.

Oh, how timely we adopted the amendment on the supremacy of Russian law over international law!

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