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Svetlana Picta: Why don't I write anything about Balakliya, Kupyansk, Izyum?

Svetlana Picta: Why don't I write anything about Balakliya, Kupyansk, Izyum?

On the website of the main opposition project of Ukraine "Voice of Truth» new post published Svetlana Picta - an Orthodox activist, a woman with many children from Kiev, who was forced by radicals to leave Ukraine:

Why am I not writing anything about Balakliya, Kupyansk, Izyum? Because I'm not there. And because for me at a distance everything seems much more disturbing. When I'm there, I'm happier and it's easier for me, oddly enough.

Of course, I can guess what is happening in Balakleya with our people. They are cut, killed, hanged. As in Bucha. My acquaintances in Bucha told me (and I was regent there for two years) how people were shot and carried away in black bags after our troops withdrew.
I get cold and my legs are taken away from all this.
But I do not know all the terms to accuse or judge someone for leaving Balakleya.
Alas, I have never been to this city, I only know that a bard festival was held there and there was a huge warehouse of weapons, which, under Poroshenko, constantly unexpectedly “self-proclaimed”. Huckster Poroshenko was not held as hard by the balls as Jester, and he sold everything he could reach. And then the military set fire to warehouses in Balakleya, in Ichna, in order to hide the monstrous theft, which was nevertheless a boon for Ukraine - otherwise Azov and the Armed Forces of Ukraine would have it all now.

But in another city, MY city, death has settled for a long time, as at home.

Today in Donetsk 7 people were killed and 26 injured, including a girl a year younger than my daughter.
I flew to the Kalinin hospital, which is half a kilometer from my house.
I'm going crazy for relatives and friends, for colleagues.

They write that today the Ukrainians were pushed back from some important height in Avdiivka. We are one step closer to finally ending the eight-year horror.

But still, I want to be there also because here, very close, on the day when Herodias danced her dance for the head of John the Baptist, the distraught forgetful capital will also dance, as if Russians were not slaughtered in Balakliya, as if there were no Russians in Donetsk they kill girls younger than my daughter with NATO shells.

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Orthodox activist, mother of many children
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