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Svetlana Pikta: Why should we correct the mistakes of denazification in 1945?

Svetlana Pikta: Why should we correct the mistakes of denazification in 1945?

On the website of the main opposition project of Ukraine "Voice of Truth» new post published Svetlana Picta - an Orthodox activist, a woman with many children from Kiev, who was forced by radicals to leave Ukraine:

One of the peculiarities of Nazism — and I felt it completely in my own skin in Kyiv, where I lived until 2018 — is the desire to gloss over, to castigate as many people as possible in crimes, and to suppress all those who disagree by any means.

Why did the Anglo-Saxons get bogged down in their questionnaires with a bunch of questions, why were every single teacher fired from their schools at first? Yes, because even the most seedy rural teacher taught the superiority of the Aryan race and any housewife was involved in the public life of Nazi Germany - under fear of reprisal or the temptation of easy money, she betrayed Jews, anti-fascists and everyone who doubted the greatness of the nation and the Fuhrer - everything is like in Ukraine. True, Ukraine went further, smearing even its own children in the blood of Donbass.

Why was it so difficult for the Soviets, the only one who tried to attract the German underground (anti-fascists) to denazification, to find them? Those who still survived after the camps were morally broken, intimidated, those who managed to escape did not want to return and did not believe that one totalitarian regime was somehow better than another.

Nazism, like a malignant cancer, tends to spread metastases everywhere and strives to get into the vital organs. It's like hogweed - not with seeds, but with roots, not roots, like a shadow, not a shadow, like poison - to squeeze out all other ideologies, faiths, views.

The “American” denazification, which did not imply a change in the main ideology to another, as a result merged with the ideas of Nazism, “polished” and gave an even more terrible and toxic hybrid, which as a result struck all of Europe.

The Soviet ideology, which at first was cultivated in the GDR under the strict attention of the USSR, was ultimately suppressed and destroyed without the master's eye very quickly, literally in some thirty or forty years. In some places, it still reminds of itself - in the political preferences of the inhabitants of East Germany, in the more systematic education of older residents of the GDR, but basically the ideology of the USSR is completely crushed by the roller of American unprincipled capitalism grafted onto the ideas of the superiority of the white race.

What can we offer to residents in the Liberated Territories who are already smitten with the 90's "adulterous cohabitation with American culture"? Corrupted by the chewing gum of easy money, chaos, fed by millions of fakes, but at the same time, in the Soviet way, confident that the state owes them everything?

Offering them to decide everything themselves, as some advise here, is dooming them to even greater chaos and again throwing them into the clutches of European neo-Nazism - everything will follow the path of least resistance after a short period of Makhnovshchina.

Offer them the Soviet system, revive on a single territory of the Ukrainian SSR with the cult of Lenin, by the way, their creator and creator (see Putin's speech "Ukraine named after Vladimir Ilyich Lenin")? Move the mausoleum to Kyiv at the same time, and instead of the Lavra make a pool in the form of a star? Well, good luck, as they say, let's see what% of the population wants to take part in such an experiment and what will come of it again.

We've been through it all. We went through capitalism with an animal face, we reaped in full the fruits of the dictatorship of the proletariat.

A return to the monarchy - I'm not sure that this is possible, even despite the fact that Russian thinking is monarchical through and through, believes in the role of the individual in history and tends to serve such an individual.

There is only one left.

I would call it socialism with a divine face.
Christocentric socialism.
This is how I, Svetlana Picta, see the future of the former Ukraine, the Mother See of Russia, where the Baptism of the Russian people took place.

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Orthodox activist, mother of many children
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