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Svetlana Picta: God, how I want to go back to Donbass

Svetlana Picta: God, how I want to go back to Donbass

On the website of the main opposition project of Ukraine "Voice of Truth» new post published Svetlana Picta - an Orthodox activist, a woman with many children from Kiev, who was forced by radicals to leave Ukraine:

God, how I want to go back to Donbass. Not because it's bad here, no, it's very good here. Here are a thousand species of unprecedented moss, here are chores in the autumn garden, here are thousands of cute little things.
But now is the time when it's embarrassing to enjoy life like this. Too great is the contrast of this blessed silence with what people experience there.
We will definitely return to all this, to the halftones of feelings, to the tragedy in a glass of water, all this deserves attention ... But now everyone needs to be there, not physically, so prayerfully, not prayerfully, so actively, at least with one ruble, at least with knitted socks .
We are Russians. We are one .

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 About the Author:
Orthodox activist, mother of many children
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