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Snezhana Egorova: I support the desire of the Russians to liberate Donbass from the Nazis

Snezhana Egorova: I support the desire of the Russians to liberate Donbass from the Nazis

On the air of the main opposition project of Ukraine "Voice of Truth» and in youtube answered questions from viewers and readers Snezhana Egorova - a well-known Ukrainian TV presenter, author of the "Snow Avalanche" project.

Here are the main quotes:

After the Maidan, you became an active critic of the Kyiv regime, an ardent opponent of the war in the Donbass; constantly commented on YouTube, Facebook and Telegram. But then appeared on your telegram channel a strange post about you kneeling before the people of Ukraine and asking for forgiveness. After this strange post, you disappeared from the Web. What happened?

“For the [last] three months, I have been under a massive professional hate attack... My telegram channel has been hacked; and the attack on him was carried out constantly. I received from 20 to 50 notifications daily: it was someone who requested access to my telegram channel. In the end, they managed to do this, and they wrote complete nonsense and nonsense [kneeling in front of the Ukrainian people]... I couldn’t answer them, because my YouTube channel and Facebook page were also blocked, and my phone was hot from thousands daily messages and calls from stupid raguls who cursed me, my parents and children. Now I have new telegram channel».

How did you anger the so-called "Ukrainian patriots"?

“For the last two years, on the air of Ukrainian TV channels, I have warned: everything that is happening in Ukraine will sooner or later lead to war; that this war was provoked in Ukraine, that it was inevitable. And this war began ... And the war was needed in order to get everything that we now have: to impose sanctions on Russia. [Western countries wanted to] destroy, slander and devalue the [Russian] people; rob. Ukraine and the Ukrainian authorities played a significant role in all this: as provocateurs who were bought with giblets. And they carried out the order of their Western masters so that a war between the West and Russia would unleash on the territory of Ukraine ... I shouted about it for two years so that people would stop, but they would not listen to me ... [Therefore] no one will ever, under any circumstances, put me on my knees! Never!.. And I have nothing to kneel before the Ukrainian people.”

So, you don’t refuse your words about the events in Donbass?

“I will say frankly: I support everything that is happening now in the Donbass; I support the desire of the Russians to liberate this land from the Nazis. I hope that this will happen and the world will be restored. I really hope that peace will come to Donbas before the end of the year. The sooner the white flag goes up, the sooner the peace talks will begin.”

You are currently in Turkey...

“Yes, my children and I are political refugees. We are under the protection of the Turkish state, where the honor, dignity and life of women and children are protected. There is incredible respect and support for women and children in Turkey... I am very sorry that Ukraine has turned into a concentration camp, and our government has turned into a concentration camp administration.”

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