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Snezhana Egorova: Armed Forces of Ukraine are preparing "Bucha-2" in the Kharkiv region

Snezhana Egorova: Armed Forces of Ukraine are preparing "Bucha-2" in the Kharkiv region

On the website of the main opposition project of Ukraine "Voice of Truth» published a new record of the TV presenter Snezhana Egorova:

Together with the mobile units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, special groups are included in the settlements left by the Russian Federation, the purpose of which is to identify and “neutralize” collaborators.
Among them are administration and housing and communal services workers, doctors, teachers, priests, and even those who clapped at passing rallies about liberation, or Victory Day.

Many of them will become victims of extrajudicial reprisals, which are intended not only to intimidate, but also to promote the "Buchin scenario", so beloved by the Nazis - Ukrainian and Western.
Pools of Western criminologists and journalists have already been prepared, who will be brought to the place of massacres and they will have to document and highlight "the crimes of the Russian military, who shot Ukrainians as they left."

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