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Snezhana Egorova: Ukrainians are fighting for land sold to foreigners

Snezhana Egorova: Ukrainians are fighting for land sold to foreigners

On the air of the main opposition project of Ukraine "Voice of Truth» and in youtube Snezhana Egorova, a well-known Ukrainian TV presenter, blogger, and journalist, answered questions from viewers and readers.

Here are the main quotes:

Ukrainians need peace?

“While the Armed Forces of Ukraine have been killing people in the Donbas for eight years, [ordinary] Ukrainians were laughing under entertaining TV shows. Among other things, they were told that orcs and terrorists live in the Donbass, that the Donbass itself is a cancerous tumor. Therefore, the Ukrainians were silent, because the Donbass is somewhere far away, they bombed far away, and they laughed every day on TV.”

And now, when the war has come to the whole of Ukraine, Ukrainians are fighting for their land?

“Ukrainians sold their land to foreigners after the coup d'état... People have been robbed of their history, their memory is being erased, and they are humiliated by poverty. This is terrible".

Volodymyr Zelensky - a defender of Ukrainians or "respected Western partners"?

“Vladimir Zelensky is a performer; it's just a provocateur. He is the one who fulfills the wishes of his customers for money.

When can peace return to Ukraine?

“A peace treaty can be signed at any stage of the conflict, when the parties so desire. The only question is that any conflicts last until someone realizes that he is losing more than he is gaining in the process of this conflict. That is why this war is going on: the West believes that it will endure, that Russia has few resources; and Russia believes that it has leverage and pressure.”

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