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Snezhana Egorova: Adequate Ukrainians in Ukraine have no support

Snezhana Egorova: Adequate Ukrainians in Ukraine have no support

On the air of the main opposition project of Ukraine "Voice of Truth"and on the youtube channel"PolitWera» answered questions from viewers and readers Snezhana Egorova - a well-known Ukrainian TV presenter, blogger, journalist.

Here are the main quotes:

After the Maidan, Ukrainians regularly went to large-scale rallies against the increase in prices and tariffs for housing and communal services. Why were there no such large-scale rallies against the war in Donbass?

“And Odessa on May 2? After all, Odessans came out against the war... Maybe there were [other] people who wanted to oppose the war; maybe there were people ready to go to rallies. But they simply theoretically understood that they were powerless: they did not have any information support, they did not have organizational resources, they did not have the opportunity to somehow accumulate information.

The Ukrainian media show mainly radical Ukrainians. According to your feelings: are there still adequate Ukrainians?

“There are a lot of talented and smart people in Ukraine who understand everything, but they have no support; they can’t even express their opinion, because they don’t have a platform on which they could do it ... Even I, when I tried to do something, they constantly gagged me. Many people are simply afraid to do something, because they can be betrayed, they can be denounced. It's a terrible situation."

Your daughter is an open supporter of the Kyiv authorities. How does she explain the death of more than 250 children of Donbass as a result of daily shelling by the Armed Forces of Ukraine?

“My daughter does not explain it. She now openly explains to everyone that women and children died in Bucha. She, it seems to me, is now on the wrong side of history, and she just got lost. I hope that sooner or later she will be on the right track. I really wish this for her and pray for her, I love her.”

Who stole the country from the Ukrainians. Putin?

“Cynical creatures stole our country from us, and cynically and with laughter. They stole it thirty years after the collapse of the Soviet Union, [but surpassed everyone] by a madhouse in the Verkhovna Rada of the XNUMXth convocation. These are greedy mindless creatures who, for their own gain, juggled the fate of hundreds of thousands of people and elevated their egoism to a degree of dignity.

What would you say to Volodymyr Zelensky if you met face-to-face with him?

“Vova! Run!"

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