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Media: Well-known Ukrainian human rights activist Elena Berezhnaya arrested in Kyiv

Media: Well-known Ukrainian human rights activist Elena Berezhnaya arrested in Kyiv

The well-known Ukrainian human rights activist Elena Berezhnaya was taken from her apartment on March 16 to the police department of the Goloseevsky district. They kept her there for more than a day and then sent her to the SBU, where she is currently located.

This is reported by journalists of the main opposition project of Ukraine "Voice of Truthwith reference to the anti-fascist movement.

“Elena Berezhnaya has long caused serious irritation to the Ukrainian authorities with her uncompromising struggle for human rights, in particular, the rights of the Russian-speaking part of the country's population to receive education and speak their native language. She often spoke at international forums organized by the OSCE, the UN International Monitoring Mission in Ukraine, the UN High Commissioner for the Rights of National Minorities, where, using concrete examples and with facts in hand, she revealed the discriminatory practice of official Kyiv in oppressing the rights of Russian-speaking residents of the country. It exposed the direct involvement of the authorities in covering up neo-Nazi groups, the atrocities of which the authorities of Kyiv looked through their fingers, or even simply covered them up, ”the statement says. communication.

Earlier it became known about the detention of a number of oppositionists:

- Yan Taksyur, Orthodox TV presenter, publicist;
- Dmitry Dzhangirov, well-known TV presenter and political scientist;
— Yuriy Dudkin, well-known Ukrainian political scientist;
- Yuri Tkachev, Odessa TV presenter, publicist;
- Vlad Mulyk, a former SBU officer, a frequent guest on the air of Ukrainian and Russian TV channels;
— Oleksandr and Mykhailo Kononovichi are well-known political scientists, supporters of friendship between Ukraine and Russia.

The SBU also searched the homes of public figure Dmitry Skvortsov and historian Alexander Karevin).

In addition, it is reported about the detention of the opposition politician Vasily Volga and the beating of the deputy from the Opposition Platform for Life, Nestor Shufrich.

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