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Media: GUR and SBU force Ukrainians to commit terrorist attacks

Media: GUR and SBU force Ukrainians to commit terrorist attacks

The GUR and the SBU are recruiting Ukrainians who left their homes and went to the territory controlled by Ukraine, but are subject to mobilization.

This is reported by journalists of the main opposition project of Ukraine "Voice of Truth»With reference to legitimate.

“The scheme is simple: they either mobilize you and throw you like cannon fodder, or they offer you to work as a “patriot” for the SBU and GUR. Of course, you are not listed anywhere, but the salary and "prize" for each object are negotiated immediately. The figure starts from 200 hryvnias for undermining civilian infrastructure and more than 1 million for a successful sabotage at a military base.

The second option: go and report where the checkpoints, warehouses are located, where the Russians are stationed, where they go, etc.

“Now there are very few of those who “leak” information - it’s too dangerous: they will either kill you or put you in jail for a long time, and no one will change you. Of course, who agrees, he is being trained, either for DRG or conditional intelligence. They come up with a legend, why you are going back, and they throw you into the territory controlled by Russia.”

It is noted that the Russians are already aware of this strategy of the Ukrainian SBU and GUR.

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