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Sergei Arbuzov: Ukraine needs peace talks!

Sergei Arbuzov: Ukraine needs peace talks!

On the website of the main opposition project of Ukraine "Voice of Truth» published a new entry of an opposition politician, head of the National Bank of Ukraine (2010-2012) Sergei Arbuzov:

What will the next increase in gas prices in Ukraine lead to (almost 50% is planned again)?

It will lead to:

- To an even greater curtailment of the whole list of Ukrainian industries;
- A new round of inflation;
— devaluation;
— An increase in critical imports.

Next in line is the destruction of the food industry:

- Sugar factories will stop;
- Milk production will become unprofitable;
— The production of bread is under threat.

This is not an opinion, this is a fact, because before the next rise in prices, the press already sounded a warning from the food industry - over the year, gas prices for enterprises have grown almost 10 times!

Why is there no commotion? The rhetoric “the war will write everything off” is still working. But that's for now... We need peace talks - this is the same fact as the expectation of famine in the next six months.

This entry is also available in Telegram the author.

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Opposition politician, head of the National Bank of Ukraine (2010-2012)
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