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Ruslan Bortnik: Is it time for a reboot?

Ruslan Bortnik: Is it time for a reboot?

On the website of the main opposition project of Ukraine "Voice of Truth» published a new post political scientist Ruslan Bortnik:

The famous Ukrainian prose writer and playwright Les Poderevyansky has a phrase that, in fact, describes the popular ideological attitude of a part of Ukrainian society and elites and, translated into a cultural language, means “get away from us” (Russian “leave us alone”). The well-known Ukrainian narrative “my hut is from the edge” is quite compatible with this phrase.
And some of our political elites express the opinion that this is our main political idea.

But following the narrative “my hut is from the edge” (“seeing us”) will constantly lead the country to all sorts of disasters. Since the victim behavior of Ukrainian society is thus provoked, it puts the Ukrainian state in the role of a constant victim. And, taking into account what resources the Ukrainian state has, it will not be “left behind” either from the East or from the West. Never! I will come again and again - in direct and hybrid forms! Read our entire story...

Maybe it's time to reboot this mental victimhood?

Maybe it's time to think and act from the position not "get away from us", but - "it's all ours"?

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