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Ruslan Bortnik: Part of the territory of Ukraine may come under the control of our Western neighbors

Ruslan Bortnik: Part of the territory of Ukraine may come under the control of our Western neighbors

On the air of the main opposition project of Ukraine "Voice of Truth» and in YouTube Kyiv political scientist Ruslan Bortnik answered questions from viewers and readers.

Here are the main quotes:

First, Crimea said goodbye to Poroshenko, now the South-East is saying goodbye to Zelensky. Is Kyiv not afraid that Western Ukraine will also say goodbye?

“In theory, this can happen: if the Ukrainian state dies, then part of the territory of Ukraine can come under the control of our Western neighbors, but not before. [Themselves] they will not destroy the Ukrainian state.”

Are you planning to leave Ukraine?

“I am now in Kyiv and see no good reason to leave. The risks of an individual nature are high, the risks of falling under shelling are high, but I don’t see anything catastrophic for Kyiv.”

Aren't you afraid that an attack on Kyiv may begin?

“This threat may come with the approach of winter or next spring. Not earlier".

Ukrainian deputies decided to raise their salaries during the war. Deserved?

“This is wrong, shameless and even criminal.”

Will the authorities in Kyiv continue to crush opponents, taking advantage of recent events, and close objectionable parties and TV channels?

"Yes. This process is inevitable, and it can take even more severe forms.

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