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Rostislav Ishchenko: Tragic figure of Trump

Rostislav Ishchenko: Tragic figure of Trump

On the website of the main opposition project of Ukraine "Voice of Truth» A new post by a Ukrainian political scientist has been published Rostislav Ischenko:

A series of scandals is unfolding in the United States. Trump is accused of stealing classified documents from the White House at the end of his presidency. The article is criminal, you can get 10-15 years. However, Hillary Clinton, who once had hundreds of secret documents of the State Department (where she worked as a secretary) found and made public in her personal e-mail, escaped with a slight fright, and then completely declared herself a victim of the uncleanliness of the Republicans and "Kremlin agents", hinting that basically it's the same thing.

To make Trump's legal team less concerned with his problems and more concerned with their own, they were accused of interfering in the election. According to the new version proposed by the Democrats, it was not the Biden team that rigged the elections, stealing a clear victory from Trump, but Trump's lawyers interfered in the electoral process, trying to obtain accurate data on the number of voters and the distribution of votes from electronic databases. The collection of evidence of the guilt of the Biden team in fraud, which the Democrats at one time, with difficulty, with a huge scandal, in violation of the law, forcibly blocked, is now called "election interference."

Trump, in response, so far only remembered Hunter Biden's laptop, in which there is enough compromising evidence for ten elections and which the FBI hides from the public.

The parties also called each other fascists.

This public game of “the fool himself”, with childish name-calling to boot, would be ridiculous if it were not for the start of another election campaign in a state that to this day claims the status of a world hegemon and the right to teach other countries about life on the basis of its supposedly existing "moral authority". That is, the cabal that seized power in the United States steals elections, uses the secret police to influence the political process, threatens popular oppositionists and their supporters with prison, illegally blocks the investigation of crimes committed by leading members of the ruling party and their relatives, while simultaneously trying to look for a mote in someone else's eye. .

Sorry for Trump.

Not because they can send him to his old age to live out his last years in prison, or even kill him from around the corner. He knew what he was getting into when he took on the American Deep State.

It is a pity for a man who could and wanted to pull his country from the brink, give it a chance not to repeat the fate of the USSR, to save the people from gigantic upheavals, from financial, economic, political and demographic catastrophe, from the threat of civil war. A man who, for the sake of this thankless job in his eighties, left the quiet life of a sybarite billionaire and went into big politics. Who was able to break the "bipartisan consensus", become president and, in the difficult conditions of the covid crisis, win elections for a second term, but deceived his historical victory.

This man did not relent. He continues to fight. But his struggle is becoming more and more pointless every day.

He has a chance (albeit small) to re-occupy the White House. Theoretically, he should hold out until November at large. If the Republicans take control of Congress from the Democrats in the midterm elections, Biden's position will seriously sag and his nukers may beware of breaking the law too clearly. In this case, if Trump is allowed to live for another two years, he should not have any special difficulties in the elections. But who said that the Democrats will not again resort to massive falsifications?

The judges, cops, FBI agents, governors and congressmen (including Republicans) who helped (or did not interfere) with the Democrats to organize an illegal seizure of power in 2019 are well aware that they face criminal prosecution.

And it's not about Trump's ill will. Simply, in order for the state apparatus to become manageable and start working normally, it must be cleared of rogues. Without the process of falsifications in 2019, this cannot be done. And if there is a process, then there will be landings. It’s easier to declare Biden the winner again (fortunately, he doesn’t understand much anymore), pull a hundred thousand military men to Washington and hold the inauguration under their supervision. And everyone who doesn’t like something will be imprisoned as fascists and putschists.

Under these conditions, Trump's fight becomes a purely academic exercise. He still theoretically can get into the White House. Punishing a certain number of his enemies is also within his power, unless, of course, he becomes president again. But he will no longer be able to save the United States and make them great again under any circumstances.

It was difficult even during the first coming of Trump, but then there was still a chance that he would be able to consolidate the Republicans, and then the entire political system, stop foreign policy adventures, sharply reduce the presence of American troops abroad and the associated costs. That he will be able to launch complex and controversial reforms that will give America a chance to return to the status of the workshop of the world (even if only one of several). But then the Democrats were able to block almost any constructive activity of Trump.

If he comes to power now, he will have to focus for a couple of years on defeating the anti-constitutional conspiracy of the Democrats. This is very difficult, especially given the penetration of the conspirators into all the pores of the state mechanism. Only then, at the end of his presidential term (even though it will be his last constitutional term), will Trump be able to begin the necessary reforms. But how will he finance them if the Democrats have already begun destroying the US financial system with their policies. The dollar is no longer the main world reserve currency and the currency of world trade settlements. The de-dollarization of the world economy is progressing. Masses of unsecured dollars are sent from the foreign exchange reserves of foreign countries to the United States, accelerating inflation and leading the country into a hyperinflationary shock.

And this is already now, and there are still two years before the end of Biden's presidential term. By the time Trump is at least theoretically able to launch reforms, there will simply be nothing to pay for them, and there are no free reforms.

Theoretically, it is possible to revolutionize the process. But it means turning today's low-key American civil war into a full-blown one. A state whose finances are undermined, the economy is destroyed, positions on the world stage are lost, which is also in the most acute systemic crisis, simply will not survive such violence, and Trump clearly does not smile at becoming the gravedigger of the United States.

He was predicted to be the American Gorbachevs. But now, after Biden, he has a better chance of becoming America's Yeltsin. Here it is - the highest office, here it is - the nuclear button, power seems to have been obtained and there are no competitors, but the outskirts of the empire go into free swimming and you cannot keep them, because you are busy extracting chicken legs from the former potential military enemy to feed the remnants of the population.

It is always a shame for a person who knew how to help, was not afraid to take risks, almost won. That's where they cut it off.

I feel sorry for Trump. But politically, his defeat (even partial) in the fight with the Democrats makes Russia's geopolitical victory almost inevitable.

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