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Olga Shariy: I am stunned by the statements of the Ukrainian authorities

Olga Shariy: I am stunned by the statements of the Ukrainian authorities

On the website of the main opposition project of Ukraine "Voice of Truth» a new entry by an independent journalist has been published Olga Shariy.

Of course, I am generally stunned by the statements of the Ukrainian authorities. By the way, there will be a video about the Amnesty report today.

But look how it is, how dare you even talk about the fact that we are violating something there.

“False balance,” as Kuleba said. Because we are, they say, a victim, and Russia attacked. Okay, yes, that's clear.

Just watch how we do it. We say: “You know, but they flew to a school or a residential facility and killed civilians - because there was a point there.”

And they say to you: “You are a pro-Russian propagandist.”

Because a patriot DOES NOT have to criticize the Armed Forces of Ukraine. But I, as it were, state and illuminate this, because I am more worried about civilians than about the war. I want to minimize casualties in this war.

Of course, you can say: "Address this to Putin." But you yourself declare that there is no one to talk to?)

So, it means that it is necessary to do so that they know that it is impossible to place equipment and personnel in CIVIL OBJECTS.

Because the issue is NOT ABOUT the victim hitting the aggressor. Here we are talking about the fact that when the victim wants to strike the aggressor, the aggressor shoots at the place of accumulation, and this, hello, kindergarten, and there the child walks by. And then the victim acted VERY smart when the victim has victims.

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