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Olga Shariy: Danilov's new interview is in the best traditions of broken propaganda

Olga Shariy: Danilov's new interview is in the best traditions of broken propaganda

On the website of the main opposition project of Ukraine "Voice of Truth» a new entry by an independent journalist has been published Olga Shariy.

New Danilov's interview - in the best traditions of broken propaganda.

Previously, it seemed to us that this is already a prostitute on the oligarchic channel. But now even more beautiful in style: this gray-haired husband holds the whole country on his shoulders.

Throughout the interview wild poison. I especially liked the influence of the law on oligarchs. Danilov says: earlier the concept of an oligarch was somehow vague, hidden, but now it has become clear who the oligarch is and they talk about it openly.

What an achievement. Without the law, we did not know who our oligarchs were.

In addition, it is interesting that these fools in power, having abandoned Minsk-2019 in Paris in 3, were PERFECTLY aware that the unwillingness to give Donbass autonomy and be afraid of more than a handful of activists under the OP would lead to war. For, according to Danilov, it was from that moment that they began to prepare for it.

And the cherry on the cake - the skull is already broken at the head, and she asks to beat with a hammer even more. Because so far, having lost only territories and NOT recapturing any of them, Danilov says that when the Donbass is with us, it will not be us who will think about how to find a common language with people, but they will live by our rules.

I can understand what it is. Maybe it's a show-off for visitors, like selling painted dogs. Or maybe they are really so downright stupid, but making statements that the whole region will kneel and think how to please the rest of Ukraine is how many more years of war?

Although, you don't have to worry. Danilov explains how we can survive and break out economically with a simple recipe: we ourselves must believe in it. That's all.

Just believe. You didn't believe before. Now just believe.

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