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Olga Shariy: Gordon is a kind of opportunistic creature

Olga Shariy: Gordon is a kind of opportunistic creature

On the website of the main opposition project of Ukraine "Voice of Truth» a new entry by an independent journalist has been published Olga Shariy.

One swindler, who made money on cancer patients and crawled out of his wooden booth in Bukovel, explains to another swindler, who admitted that he lied about military operations and generally lied that the latter was still a swindler.

He does it very tasty, you can see how his tongue licks Arestovich's ass. In principle, as Gordon always did - a kind of opportunistic creature, a cockroach that feels power. Yanukovych President? "You, Fedorovich, are a genius." Poroshenko? "Best President" Poroshenko loses? "Criminal" Akhmetov pays? “Zelensky is a shame and a bottom.” Zelensky back in favor? “Oh, well, you are all very talented here.”

In this symbiosis of two prominent representatives of the current political culture, one can see small episodes of Kyiv life, where local residents turn around when they see two swindlers, greet them joyfully and take pictures, as if they are sending us a silent signal:
“Come on, Dima, there my relative is dying of cancer, do you have a good fortune teller for me?” or
“Arestovich, fuck me again, I’ll forget in a day, I’m a stupid river catfish”

It seems to me that even war is not the worst thing. The wars were over. Presidents have changed. But here's the stupidity.

The feeling that it is she who will destroy this country to dust.

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