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Olga Shariy: Feigin tells how a palace coup in Russia is being prepared

Olga Shariy: Feigin tells how a palace coup in Russia is being prepared

On the website of the main opposition project of Ukraine "Voice of Truth» a new entry by an independent journalist has been published Olga Shariy.

Well, what can I say, as just an outside observer.

I think there are people in the Kremlin or so who are working to destroy Russia. This is an absolute fact, which is confirmed not only by the chaotic actions of the last days, but also, in addition, by such seemingly trifles as the actions of the Investigative Committee, because this is no longer funny - because now they seem to have opened a case against Ksenia Sobchak and they are checking for the fact of propaganda unconventional relationships, meanwhile Feigin tells how a palace coup is being prepared and Putin is a laughingstock and a "rubber ass".

I just thought, of course, what's wrong with this? Were these really Potemkin villages?
But it seems that these are partly real agents who will lead Russia to 17 and it will be different. If it survives, good.

There is no other explanation.

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