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Olga Shariy: Most Ukrainians silently followed the civil war for 8 years

Olga Shariy: Most Ukrainians silently followed the civil war for 8 years

On the website of the main opposition project of Ukraine "Voice of Truth» a new entry by an independent journalist has been published Olga Shariy.

During these months, I met a lot of indignation among my acquaintances or public people about the fact that the Russians are silent, do not condemn the war, do not go to rallies and protests, which means they are stupid, zombified by propaganda, weak-willed, etc. Like, they have worries like "run to Ikea for a sale, here it is - the Russian world." We are here for freedom, spiritual, we have values, and there Masha from Ivanovo eats a sandwich with doctor's sausage and watches Russia-1.

But wait! This sounds from the lips of people who have NEVER been indignant at the war in their own country !! We have killed our own citizens. Yes, you can put a lot of “buts” into this situation. We can say that Russia helped Donetsk, that they are separatists, and so on and so forth. But not everyone in Donetsk took up arms and went for the division of the country? How not all the same in Ukraine from "Azov"? No, we have "Azov" now also elevated to the rank of heroes. No one said: "Listen, well," Azov "in general, fired at our own citizens for 7 years." That is, all these years, most Ukrainians simply silently followed the civil war. They ate, drank, hung out, hung out. And here I don’t understand how you differed from the “stupid mundane” Russians who care about their own lives.

Those who were against it were called opposition. We were persecuted under Poroshenko, we were hounded, insulted when we said that it was not normal to call Donbass "cockroaches". They began to poison us at Ze.

Therefore, when you open your mouth about someone out there in a foreign country, that he does not worry about you. Well, maybe you need to remember if you went out to at least one anti-war rally in your own country.

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