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We regularly receive questions from viewers about Golos Pravdy. This page contains answers to the most frequently asked questions:

About the project

«Voice of Truth”is the main opposition project of Ukraine. It was launched in 2014 by a group of volunteers as a small resource for bringing dissidents together. Today "Voice of Truth» is an influential European resource www.golospravdy.eu with 27 million user visits per month, live video channels and social media communities with a total reach of over 3.7 million readers. Detailed statistics - here.

Where are you at?

The editorial team has been based in Brussels (Belgium) since 2019, the authors are in Kyiv, Ottawa (Canada) and Tallinn (Estonia). Read more - here. The server with the site has been located in Germany since 2016. We also intentionally use a domain in the EU zone - only citizens of the European Union and companies in the EU can register it.

Who are the editors and authors of Golos Pravdy?

Initially, the authors and editors of Golos Pravda were exclusively journalists from Ukrainian TV channels (many you know). They still publish materials on the site that are not allowed in TV news releases. In 2015, we were joined by authors from the regions, as well as citizen journalists from the “black list” of the Ministry of Information Policy. We are also assisted by specialists from the EU countries - they protect the privacy of authors.

Are you not afraid of the revenge of the radicals for your activities?

A little. It is no secret that almost all opposition media were closed during the period of the “Great Poroshenko War”: TV channels, radio stations, and newspapers. In Ukraine, we have to use VPN services and work under pseudonyms to ensure our security. We do not hide the fact that due to pressure from the SBU, some authors were forced to leave Ukraine - they received political asylum in the US and EU countries. Fortunately, the Internet has no restrictions - you can prepare materials safely from anywhere in the world (except for North Korea and Ukraine).

How can one become the author of "Voice of Truth"?

Easily! To do this, we launched the section "tell the truth". Through it you can send materials (publicly or anonymously). You can also contact the editorial office at the contact addresses. The list is available at link.

I often see the PolitWera logo during live broadcasts. Is this your partner?

Since 2017, Voice of Pravda and PolitWera have been not just partners, but also friends: we conduct joint live broadcasts almost daily with calls from viewers (phone numbers are available on link), as well as organizing various events.

What does your "Voice of Truth" have to do with the Russian "Voice of Truth"?

None. The only thing we have in common is the name and year of launch of the sites. At the same time, the Russian "Voice of Pravda" is located at golos-pravda.ru and is "the political newspaper of the Krasnoarmeysky district of the Krasnodar Territory."

Journalists controlled by George Soros say that the Voice of Truth is working under the hood of the Russian authorities. It's true?

We have read these numerous "investigations" paid for by the George Soros Renaissance Foundation: in them, the "Voice of Truth" is called a resource of Viktor Yanukovych, Mykola Azarov, Vitaly Zakharchenko and/or Yuriy Kot; and friends from Yulia Tymoshenko's entourage and even Petro Simonenko. In other "investigations" they write that incredible grants are allegedly allocated through Russian funds for the development of the "Voice of Pravda"; that the “Voice of Pravda” is supervised by the FSB, the GRU, etc. At the same time, none of the “Soros” journalists has ever turned to the editorial office of the “Voice of Pravda” for a comment in order to create at least a semblance of a balance of opinions. Meanwhile, the editors, authors, and other representatives of Golos Pravda never worked “under the hood of the Russian authorities”; they are not “Kremlin agents”, they have never received grants from anyone, unlike the “Soros” journalists. But we have become accustomed to the waves of discredit and have long since developed immunity.

Is it true that Alexander Onishchenko bought you?

Such a rumor is spreading on telegram channels due to the fact that an advertisement for Alexander Onishchenko's book "Peter the Fifth" appeared on the Voice of Truth. But this is just advertising.

How to help the "Voice of Truth"?

The best help for us is the dissemination of the Voice of Truth materials in social networks. Share. Each repost is a step towards ending the war and restoring peace in Ukraine.










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