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Negative about Ukraine in Western media grew by 300%

Negative about Ukraine in Western media grew by 300%

It is increasingly difficult for Zelensky and Co. to look “white and fluffy” in the eyes of international partners – in July, the number of negative articles about Ukraine (and Bankova in particular) in the Western media increased by 300% compared to the previous month. And if on change of position Amnesty International curators of the OP have spent tens of millions of dollars, then there is not enough money to “put out” all the other “bells” that are unpleasant for Bankova, and not everyone will be able to “shut up” their mouths.
For example, now Zelensky is frantically trying to extinguish the negative information effect of the “petals” that covered Donetsk. Whether the OP will be able to “interrupt” the topic is an interesting question. But Bankova's problem is that in the West, journalists continue to promote long-running topics: arms supply problems and their further appearance on "black markets", corruption (and almost betrayal) in top government, real state of affairs in country's economy and on the Ukrainian front, political conflicts within the country etc.
So lobbying for the interests of the OP in the West becomes not only more expensive, but also much more difficult than in the first months of hostilities.


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