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Mikhail Chaplyga: About China and the USA. For us it's bad

Mikhail Chaplyga: About China and the USA. For us it's bad

On the website of the main opposition project of Ukraine "Voice of Truth» a new entry by a political journalist has been published Mikhail Chaplyga:

About China and USA:

1. For us, this is all bad, because it distracts the world from the war with us.

2. Were the PRC going to fight directly with the USA? No.

3. Was the US going to fight directly with China? No.

4. Is this an attack on China or Xi personally? Si personally.

5. Is China just Uncle Xi? Yes and no.

6. Will Pelosi fly away? Of course it will fly away.

7. What will happen next?

And then there will be "exercises" of the PRC around Taiwan. His fate, of course, was predetermined. Even the CIA said the question was not whether the PRC would take over Taiwan, but when.

But they thought it was 5 years. Now there is no. Comrade Xi now has 100 days. Either he takes Taiwan or he loses his post.

Both options are possible and equally probable. But one thing is for sure: the war for Taiwan will be an order of magnitude earlier than intelligence expected.

Neither China nor the United States would go into direct confrontation. But as soon as Pelosi takes off, everything will start. This, apparently, was the calculation. And then either China or the United States. Or a new configuration of the world.

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