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Interactive map of the capture of the temples of the canonical UOC

On the website of the Ukrainian opposition publication "Voice of Truth» a section was launched with an interactive map of the captures of churches of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church.

It was presented by the legal department of the UOC.

The map reflects the real situation with the so-called "transitions" of the UOC communities to the new church structure of Ukraine. According to the head of the legal department of the UOC, Archpriest Alexander Bakhov, the reason for creating a map of the seizure of temples was false information about the "transitions" of the communities of the UOC to the OCU, which is distributed in the media.

The legal department constantly monitors violations of the rights of believers, clergy and communities of the UOC. An interactive map of the capture of churches is posted on the official website of the legal department of the UOC, and, as Father Alexander emphasizes, it accurately reflects the real statistics of the captured churches of the UOC.

As the chief lawyer of the UOC noted, most seizures take place in Western Ukraine - on the territory of Rivne, Volyn, Zhytomyr regions, and take place according to the "standard scheme", with the participation of representatives of local governments.










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