How to understand English speech by ear? Causes of the hearing barrier

How to understand English speech by ear? Causes of the hearing barrier

Those who have been studying English for a relatively long time have already heard about such a phenomenon as a language barrier. This barrier means precisely the fear of speaking. However, few people mention that there is also an auditory barrier, that is, the inability and inability to understand speech by ear. What causes this obstacle and how to eliminate it? Let's think together.

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Causes of the hearing barrier.

First, you should take into account the characteristics of the type of personality. If you are not an auditory speaker, then it may be a priori difficult for you to understand English and other foreign speech by ear. These are innate or acquired features, it is impossible to radically change them, but you can try to develop those qualities that you lack in this situation.

The second reason may be the neglect of listening. Some people do not know how to start the process of listening, where to start this training, so they are not even going to spend time developing this important skill in English. Yes, understanding fluent foreign speech is a really difficult and time-consuming process, you need to be able to cope with stress, especially at first.

Thirdly, it is, of course, a low level of knowledge. Remember at what level you already know the language (if you are at a loss with an objective assessment, various tests will help to determine the level of foreign language proficiency). What is your speech rate? Consider the fact that you can understand speech at about the same pace, so develop all the skills in a complex, do not take on just one ability.

The next obstacle to understanding foreign language speech may be ignorance of abbreviated forms and slang in spoken English. For example, want to is replaced by wanna, and this creates difficulties in understanding live speech. If you are unfamiliar with such abbreviations, such abbreviations and expressions can very easily confuse you.

And the last reason I will name, perhaps, is the use of too complex material.

There are rumors on the internet that you can "learn a language" from scratch "just" by watching shows like Friends/How I Met Your Mother/House, M.D., etc. In the original language. I agree that these are wonderful cinematic products, but they are not at all suitable for the entry level. Listening practice will turn into a real disaster for you.

The fact is that beginners do not have the necessary vocabulary and other skills at these levels, so on top of that, they can be completely disappointed in their abilities. For example, in the series about Dr. House, you can find a bunch of medical terms and complex descriptions of diseases. So, start simple, keep up with your level and don't try to jump much higher.

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