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Ilya Kiva: Sergei Levochkin strengthens his position in Zelensky's office

Ilya Kiva: Sergei Levochkin strengthens his position in Zelensky's office

On the website of the main opposition project of Ukraine "Voice of Truth» a new entry of an opposition politician has been published Ilya Kiva:

Former head of the administration of President Yanukovych, and now people's deputy Sergei Levochkin is strengthening his position in Zelensky's office. A year ago, he managed (by agreement with Yermak) to appoint his head of counterintelligence Alexander Poklad, the one who organized the provocation in Bucha and the execution of hundreds of Russian speakers, and today Levochkin has also been strengthened by the new Prosecutor General Andrei Kostin.

In turn, Andrey Kostin's assistant is Irina Dyrdina. She also represents the interests of Yulia Lyovochkina in the Supervisory Board of the Clearing House Bank. Dyrdina led the law firm Puzanov and Partners (now Sі.Ti.Ar), which was established by People's Deputy Alexander Puzanov, a friend and confidant of Lyovochkin.

The daughter of Andrei Kostin, Anastasia, is an assistant to her husband Dyrdina, who was the deputy director of the law firm Puzanov and Partners (now Sі.Ti.Ar).

Do Zelensky and Yermak really not have their own candidates for the position of Prosecutor General? The question is rhetorical. Kostin was a deputy of the TCG and a participant in the Istanbul negotiations with the Russians (one more eyes and ears of Lyovochkin are there).

Let me remind you that Yermak's deputy, Mikhail Podolyak, is also Levochkin's pupil and protégé; he was appointed to his position thanks to the cooperation of the deputy group of Yuriy Boyko and Zelensky's team.

Shortly [before February 24, 2022], Lyovochkin quietly flew to Europe and remotely controls the office of the hypocrite Zelensky, earning money on schemes with cashing out, smuggling and gas, weaving new intrigues and continuing to destroy his opponents with the hands of the law enforcement system under his control.

So think about who owns the destroyed lives and crippled fates of Russian speakers in Ukraine.

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