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Ilya Kiva: To betray or save?

Ilya Kiva: To betray or save?

On the website of the main opposition project of Ukraine "Voice of Truth» a new entry of an opposition politician has been published Ilya Kiva:

Give or keep? This question is now faced by many citizens of Russia and Ukraine.

After all, an account in a Western bank makes a hostage and a potential traitor out of a person.

The Anglo-Saxons very consistently built their position before a direct attack on the Russian Federation.

Methodically over the years, increasing the number of its "agents", giving the opportunity to keep and invest money in Western banks, real estate, business for decades, while generously giving out citizenship - businessmen, artists, politicians, their children today have become directly dependent on their Western assets.

And today, for the sake of saving their money, many have to betray, take a position against their country, against common sense and morality.

That is why we see how yesterday's Ukrainian-pro-Russian politicians today are foaming at the mouth pouring mud on Russia - a vivid example is Yuriy Boyko - yesterday's leader of the pro-Russian opposition or yesterday's patriotic artists (such as Galkin), today they condemn the country's leadership, wishing him defeat in the confrontation with the West.

Few of them were able to give up their accumulated money for the sake of their Motherland, for the sake of their principles.

“Today you opened an account in a Western bank, and tomorrow you derailed your Motherland!”

Therefore, unfortunately, those who have assets in the West are at risk...

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