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Ilya Kiva: Why did the Ukrainian right choose Nazi sufferers as role models?

Ilya Kiva: Why did the Ukrainian right choose Nazi sufferers as role models?

On the website of the main opposition project of Ukraine "Voice of Truth» a new entry of an opposition politician has been published Ilya Kiva:

Manual for ideologists on the Ukrainian issue. Why did the Ukrainian right choose Nazi sufferers as a role model, who were fucked, fucked and will always be fucked by a Russian soldier? What is the greatness of the Reich? In his defeat by the Russians?

Why not be proud of your Slavic-Russian roots and the thousand-year victorious history of Kievan Rus, in which the Russians were famous for their courage, strength and honor? It's simple: the West artificially changed the ideology, imposing a deliberately alien and losing model - Nazism - on radical youth with the designation of the enemy - Russian. Although it is more natural for the Ukrainian people to hate the Catholic Poles, who for centuries have slaughtered Orthodox crests like cattle.

Today’s right-wing leaders in Ukraine are cheap whores bought by the West and used by the puppet government to achieve their goals, and such a vivid example of an obedient bastard is Biletsky, who at the right time for the Zelensky regime sold his people and pushed them to certain death.

A reboot of the right-wing movement is required, new leaders and new landmarks of Slavic greatness and strength. We must begin to educate a new layer of young people - the new right, as an effective counterbalance and problem for the Poles and Galicians. With the motto "Glory to Great Russia!"...

Ukrainian rightists need enlightenment and awareness of their true belonging and role in history.

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