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I. Lopatenok (USA): A military coup may take place in Ukraine

I. Lopatenok (USA): A military coup may take place in Ukraine

Live on the main opposition project of Ukraine "Voice of Truth» and youtube-channel «PolitWera» answered questions from viewers and readers Igor Lopatenok - American film producer, documentary filmmaker, director of Oliver Stone films, author of the Telegram channel @GlobalTreePictures.

It aired from Los Angeles, California.

Here are the main quotes:

War in Ukraine: how is it shown to the Western audience?

“Zelensky is a great speaker. He delivers [to Western audiences] the messages he is told to deliver with minimal interference. But the facts tell a different story: Severodonetsk fell, Lisichansk fell; the Russians leveled the front line, making it 20 km instead of 120 km. This all suggests that with all the victories in the information war, Russian tanks will reach where they are going. The issue is that [in the West] no one understands where they are going and what they want. What will be the end of the war? It depends on how Russia wants to see it or how it can be accepted. This factor [in the West] is never taken into account.”

What do you think? What could be the end of the war?

“I think that in the same Russian society, opinions are different. Many believe that after the victims [in Donbass], we must go to the end. Because, without destroying this infection, we simply create a time bomb for ourselves. Not only we, but also our children will be under the threat that aggression in the direction of Russia will develop from this territory. On the other hand, we understand that all this will be a matter of negotiations, because a complete victory [could happen] in four years, if not more. And such a period is not acceptable for any of the parties to the conflict.”

Can victory be a compromise?

“When the threat posed by Ukraine will be practically impossible.”

The Kyiv regime is confident that it will be able to win thanks to multibillion-dollar loans, which the media for some reason call "aid"...

“Afghanistan saved a trillion dollars of aid that [allocated] the United States? No. No helicopters, no tanks, no guns... That's how it is in Ukraine. There is already no fighting spirit, because without victories the fighting spirit cannot be maintained.

What is the US trying to achieve by continuing the conflict in Ukraine?

“To prevent the creation of a superpower on the Eurasian continent at any cost. This is their main goal. To do this, [the United States] needs to create tension and bring it to a hot conflict, trying [at the same time] to avoid a world conflict, because the Third World War will be thermonuclear and it will destroy America. Therefore, they fetter and lead Russia away from the development of its economy and the well-being of its citizens.”

Are there forces in Ukraine that could oppose the continuation of the war?

“I do not see such forces that would come out with the words: “How long will our own authorities kill us?” Except the military. If we talk about regime change in Ukraine, then some form of military coup is possible. We are all well aware of the conflict between Zelensky and the Armed Forces of Ukraine.”

Is the war in Ukraine vital for American politics?

"Not. Therefore, I do not rule out the possibility of a person appearing in power [in the United States] who can somehow stop this business ... Some insights and some forecasts for the end of the war in Ukraine show November (after the elections in the United States - ed.) ".

Who suffers the most from the sanctions war that began after the conflict in Ukraine? Russia, Europe or USA?

"In our country, some progressive observers say that the purpose of this war is to rob the middle class of Europe, because they lived too well, and they needed to be 'brought into line'."

Bonus: Can the US and EU teach the whole world about democracy?

“The form of government in the West is a form skillfully disguised as democracy. And it, unfortunately, does not provide the quality of life for people.”

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