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Elena Markosyan: I'm back on the air and I don't want to be silent anymore!

Elena Markosyan: I'm back on the air and I don't want to be silent anymore!

On the air of the main opposition project of Ukraine "Voice of Truth» and in youtube answered questions from the audience Elena Markosyan - a well-known Kyiv political scientist.

Here are the main quotes:

Where did you disappear to in the first days of the war?

“[Before all these events, I] lived in the suburbs of Kyiv, where I was left without a telephone, without communication, without any information ... I was accused of being guilty of the events that occurred in February ... I was threatened , threatened my son, they promised to hand me over to the defense; They said I couldn't live in my house anymore."

And you decided to leave after the threats?

“After the law on collaborators was passed; I was told to leave immediately: [it was] literally ten minutes to leave while the checkpoints were open. I took everything I had time: some T-shirts, a jacket, sneakers. But to be honest, I didn’t want to leave.”

Why did they leave?

"Don't let the kids worry."

How did they leave?

“I went to Kyiv to the station, where everyone was waiting for evacuation trains in the direction of Lviv ... There were a lot of people - crowds with children, animals ... Everyone was shouting, storming the Lvov train ... I went to the train that was going to Kharkiv is my Motherland”.

How did Kharkov meet you?

“The Kharkov station was a horror: abandoned cars, expensive strollers in the station building, people were sitting in the metro subway ... I spent six months near Kharkov.”

But then they still went to Russia ...

“Yes, and to get to Belgorod, I traveled half of Ukraine – the Ukrainian authorities did not make centralized exits from Ukraine to Russia.”

Why didn't they stay in the Kharkiv region?

“To not be silent. I don't want to be silent anymore!.. [And in Ukraine] I am a very convenient target for an exchange. Right now, the SBU has shut down [Lvov oppositionist] Inna Ivanochko, although she is not some kind of terrible fighter against the regime and does not transmit any data, but [the Ukrainian authorities] need an exchange background for the exchange of prisoners - this is a very convenient moment ... But I Russian man, I was not afraid. And I haven't changed, and neither has my position. I won't be silent anymore!"

What advice would you give Ukrainians?

“Everyone who counts on the victory of the Ukrainian army in this war should simply understand that this victory may not happen; Or it won't be what you think."

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