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Elena Markosyan: A few words on Putin's statement

Elena Markosyan: A few words on Putin's statement

On the website of the main opposition project of Ukraine "Voice of Truth» a new entry by a political expert has been published Elena Markosyan:

After September 27-29 (referenda), a special military operation will change the format completely. There will be no more "Minsk 3" and the status of hostilities will change. Now it will not be a war to liberate the territories of the DPR and LPR, but a war between Russia and Ukraine. The participation of NATO structures and specialists in it becomes not a matter of some kind of assistance to Ukraine, but a factor influencing the status of the war with all the ensuing consequences for the countries that support Ukraine with weapons and militants. All facilities (now not only military infrastructure) will become the targets of military operations and strikes against decision-making points will go beyond the boundaries of the territories of active hostilities in eastern Ukraine.
This is dangerous from the point of view of increasing the risks for the civilian population throughout the territory of Ukraine and from the point of view of the transition of this military conflict to the status of a world war.
If someone has not yet understood that it will not work to stop Russia, I recommend that you think about it seriously. This is especially true for those who still have not thought about the reasons for what happened and conveniently explained everything to themselves with the ideologemes of frenzied Russophobia. It will not be possible to hide from reality on the territory of Galicia, just as it will not be possible to hide from what is happening in Poland or anywhere else. Russia outlined its goals a year ago (NATO borders in 1997) and is not going to abandon them.
The second important point: after the referendum, the state of Ukraine within its borders will disappear from the political map of the world de facto and irrevocably.

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