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Elena Markosyan: My children are for Zelensky. I won't forgive them

Elena Markosyan: My children are for Zelensky. I won't forgive them

On the air of the main opposition project of Ukraine "Voice of Truth» and in youtube answered questions from the audience Elena Markosyan - a well-known Kyiv political scientist.

Here are the main quotes:

Ukrainians are often accused of doing nothing for eight years to restore peace in Donbas and, accordingly, in the country. Have you heard such accusations against you?

“I was not indifferent to any questions. I did everything I could. I warned that by that end here is what is happening in Ukraine. Yes, they didn't hear it; yes, many say that I was right. But what is this rightness to me?

Why did the majority of Ukrainians prefer to remain silent?

“Because they are afraid of losing even the little they have; and many are afraid of losing their lives, because they know what scoundrels are in power.”

And the opposition?

“Where did you see opposition in Ukraine? It was not there - they cleaned it up. The same Medvedchuk was not allowed to get 2/3 of the list [to parliament]!”

Do your children support your position?

“I'm already tired of being forever guilty for my position... The system in Ukraine is aimed at destroying any unity and, above all, at destroying the family. It is a fact. I know my children and love them very much, but I do not accept what they have become. I will not forgive them until they realize what they have become.”

What do ordinary Ukrainians know about Russia today?

“That the Russians are eating up the last hedgehogs. They cannot believe that Russians can live well.”

Why is there a war in Ukraine today?

“Ukrainian authorities sold Ukraine to the NATO war with Russia; sold land, people... This is a war - for the destruction of Russia and all Russian people... Hatred towards the Russians is being planted very methodically and competently... For Western civilization, it is important to destroy the power of [Russia], it is important to destroy the people of [Russia]; it is important for them to destroy the precedent where the government and the people can be united in the state.”

Who will win?

“Russia will win. I know it. Do you understand? I know why. Because it is, that protect and whom protect".

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