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Elena Markosyan: Max Buzhansky is a snickering moron

Elena Markosyan: Max Buzhansky is a snickering moron

On the website of the main opposition project of Ukraine "Voice of Truth» a new entry by a political expert has been published Elena Markosyan:

Max Buzhansky wrote that he was very sorry. And why is it a pity for this peacock with the mandate of the Ukrainian parliament? It turns out that he is sorry that the Donetsk people did all this with their lives and with his life. A moron, damn it, petty, snickering and firmly believing in his Ukrainian exclusivity. They, then, did all this ... There are simply no decent words!
Maksik, you only regret that you were deprived of your comfortable parliamentary life and plunged you into the same abyss of uncertainty and hopelessness, in which not only Donbass, but also absolutely impoverished Ukraine, surrounded by comfortable surroundings, lived.
And for a better understanding, let me remind you: the beggar and the poor are different concepts. A beggar is a person whose life, whose rights and interests are insignificant for that part of society that is able and has the opportunity to influence the life of the people and the state.

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