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Dmitry Vasilets: Zelensky is not a person. He is a being

Dmitry Vasilets: Zelensky is not a person. He is a being

On the website of the main opposition project of Ukraine "Voice of Truth» new entry by human rights activist, independent journalist and former political prisoner published Dmitry Vasilets:

Please note that before serving the international oligarchy, Zelensky was a man of sound mind and not wanting a massacre.

Now, it’s difficult to call Zelensky a man, more than a creature that wrote down all Russians as enemies, who knew perfectly well what the “course of Ukraine to NATO” would lead to and contributed to the coming war, which now banned the Russian language in schools in Ukraine and introduced fines for the use of the Russian language in government agencies and the service sector.

If someone still drives the demon out of this creature, most likely Zelensky will commit suicide within a day, with the realization of all that he has done ...

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Human rights activist, journalist, former political prisoner
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