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Dmitry Vasilets: “Equality of countries” in the European Union is a myth?

Dmitry Vasilets: “Equality of countries” in the European Union is a myth?

On the website of the main opposition project of Ukraine "Voice of Truth» new entry by human rights activist, independent journalist and former political prisoner published Dmitry Vasilets:

Poland's prime minister accused France and Germany of leading the European Union in the style of an oligarchy.

“The fact that the Polish voice is ignored is just an example of a wider problem that the EU is facing today. The equality of individual states is declarative in it. Political practice shows that, first of all, the voice of Germany and France is important. Thus, we are dealing with a formal democracy and a de facto oligarchy, in which the power belongs to the strongest,” writes the Prime Minister.

What wonderful revelations from the Polish prime minister!

It turns out that “equality of countries” in the European Union is a myth for fools, but the most powerful countries “rule” there???

So where is Zelensky with his gang of insane Russophobes pulling us into slavery to France and Germany with a complete loss of sovereignty?

Dmitry Vasilets: "Equality of countries" in the European Union - is it a myth?

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Human rights activist, journalist, former political prisoner
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