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Dmitry Vasilets: The world is finally going crazy

Dmitry Vasilets: The world is finally going crazy

On the website of the main opposition project of Ukraine "Voice of Truth» new entry by human rights activist, independent journalist and former political prisoner published Dmitry Vasilets:

The wife of one of the main suppliers of cocaine to the Ukrainian elite, Yuriy Chernetsky, singer Inna Voronova, asks her social media followers to “throw money on bail” to an elite drug dealer, her husband, who was arrested in Kyiv and put in a pre-trial detention center with a bail of 4 hryvnias.

The probability that she did not know what her husband was doing is approximately 0.000001%.

However, if the “elite drug dealer” of Ukrainian politicians declares that he deliberately poisoned the “ghouls in power” with low-quality drugs, he can still become a folk hero.

Well, the wife will compose a song dedicated to “cleansing Ukraine from Zelensky’s servants” and other scoundrels by overdose.

Dmitry Vasilets: The world is finally going crazy

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Human rights activist, journalist, former political prisoner
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