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Dmitry Raimov: Do Putin's agents want to close the Bulgakov Museum?

Dmitry Raimov: Do Putin's agents want to close the Bulgakov Museum?

On the website of the main opposition project of Ukraine "Voice of Truth» A new post by a Ukrainian political strategist has been published Dmitry Raimov:

There is a museum of the writer Bulgakov on Andreevsky Descent and it is proposed to close it. I think so: those who want to plow in the interests of Putin. The city loves this museum. The townspeople fell in love with his zhur-fixes and a small courtyard. Readers of The White Guard are walking around the city and, thus, the rooms in a fascinating way.

The figure is controversial. But the "cleansing" under the guise, splitting society, is done only by Putin's agents. Canned food. Even if they speak Ukrainian, they sit inside government agencies.

As experience showed, agents were everywhere. And they further split our society.

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