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Diana Panchenko: Zelensky has become a disaster for an entire nation

Diana Panchenko: Zelensky has become a disaster for an entire nation

On the website of the main opposition project of Ukraine "Voice of Truth» published a new entry of a journalist and TV presenter Diana Panchenko:

“Vova is lucky. Kissed by God”- one of the deputies close to the Office dropped in a private conversation a year ago.

For 30 years, such self-confident and aloof “gentlemen” as “servants of the people” have never come to power in Ukraine
Ironically, the showman and actor Zelensky succeeded in building a tough, authoritarian vertical, subjugating the oligarchs, local elites, and the media, and turning Ukraine into a country of absolute dictatorship. Neither the "commerce" Poroshenko, nor the "burned out" Yanukovych could imagine that it was possible to violate written and unwritten rules, concepts and foundations so defiantly, and at the same time with impunity.

People liked:
“Get the devil out”, “deoligarchization” and other crackdowns under the sauce of “fighting the system” were welcomed and supported.

"Western partners" liked it even more. Poroshenko fulfilled the “wishlist” of the curators, but in extreme cases he could refer to the lack of votes in parliament, the need to negotiate with big business, etc. And if Peter managed to get through with the land market, then Ze did it easily and naturally: “Take it”

Zelensky and his team are the clearest example of the Dunning-Kruger effect in Ukrainian realities. In a simple way - the fool's knee-deep sea. Where the smart one doubts, the stupid goes forward. And often achieves results. True skins.

It happened.
When a cauldron formed in Debaltseve in 2014, Poroshenko entered into negotiations and the first Minsk agreements.
Zelensky, knowing about the "invasion", knowing that thousands of soldiers and civilians would die, not only did not initiate negotiations. And he did everything to make the disaster happen. He sabotaged "Minsk", shouted about NATO in all interviews, then decided to declare the need to return the nuclear status.

And now, on the 7th month of hostilities, on the eve of a very difficult winter, the President of Ukraine again declares that he will not go to negotiations. People are applauding, especially against the backdrop of recent events in the Kharkiv region.

The defect in the perception of objective reality did not happen on February 24th. Society has been systematically and persistently pumped up since 2014. The sense of self-preservation was replaced by pride. Love for the Motherland - hatred for the neighbor.

Why is it important to talk about the reasons for what happened on February 24th?
Because only by realizing the past, you can build the future. Without understanding the reasons for the beginning of the conflict, we will not end it.

Inspired by Western patrons, the “servants of the people” have no sense of proportion. The feeling of awareness of the possible and the impossible among the people itself has been successfully eradicated.

And until society sobers up, the country and people will continue to fall into the abyss.
“Lucky”, in the opinion of his retinue, Zelensky became a disaster for an entire nation.

But no matter how detached and “great” the guys in sneakers and khaki T-shirts seem now ... No matter how Zelensky, nursed by the West, flaunts ... The “system”, the foundations of logic and the universe, cannot be deceived.

Because pride is always a path to ruin:
In the fairy tale "About the Fisherman and the Fish", Alexander Sergeevich once wrote a prophecy for all "Zelenskys" and "Johnsons":
“On the threshold sits his old woman,
And in front of her is a broken trough"

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