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Diana Panchenko: Hard winter awaits Ukraine, extension of mobilization and front

Diana Panchenko: Hard winter awaits Ukraine, extension of mobilization and front

On the website of the main opposition project of Ukraine "Voice of Truth» published a new entry of a journalist and TV presenter Diana Panchenko:

Klitschko complains that he was threatened with deprivation of citizenship for supporting Korban. The latter was never able to get to Ukraine.
I often hear that tightening screws is a temporary phenomenon. Like, Ukraine is a freedom-loving country, authoritarianism is not about us.

Ukraine is patient. We can easily "swallow" the increase in tariffs, cuts in social standards, the persecution of freedom of speech. We catch fire easily, but only if set on fire correctly. As was the case with the first and second Maidan. By the way, the main “philosopher” of the era, Arestovich, spoke about this, saying that Ukrainians, like no one else, are inspired and led.

Ukraine began to become a country of a rigid vertical in 2019. And it was those from whom they were least expected to turn the screws best. Kvartal succeeded in what neither Kuchma, nor Yanukovych, nor Poroshenko could. Clean up everything and everyone. Because neither the "fifth" nor the "fourth" had the idea that it was possible. Survive the oligarchs, strangle the local elites, close the channels. And do not bathe - because the "Quarter".
And then February 24th happened. And any fight against the objectionable has found an unshakable justification - whoever is not with us is an agent of the Kremlin.

When our channels were closed, many colleagues frankly rejoiced. Someone - because there is less competition, someone - not understanding the essence of the process. Perform "Minsk" to prevent trouble - the main message that sounded on our airs. To save the country. Will Minsk seem like a cakewalk compared to what awaits us in the end?

Now everyone is closed. Either state or pro-government media will remain. Those who once gloated have themselves fallen under the millstones of the system.
Big business can survive only by cooperating with the authorities. Similarly, with local elites.

What's next? The worst winter in history. Extension of mobilization. Front. Patient Ukraine. And the only question is whether someone, no less agile than the Quarter, can set fire to this fire. And will the West sanction this?

Each extreme becomes the opposite, reaching the limit.

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