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Diana Panchenko: Ukrainian journalists are silent about the tragedy in Donetsk

Diana Panchenko: Ukrainian journalists are silent about the tragedy in Donetsk

On the website of the main opposition project of Ukraine "Voice of Truth» published a new entry of a journalist and TV presenter Diana Panchenko:

The whole day I was waiting for the reaction of my esteemed "colleagues" to the tragedy in Donetsk. There is no reaction.

The media market in Ukraine is dead. Bank usurped the information field. Those who remained in the "profession" are forced to work with their mouths (hands), serving the Office of the President. It cannot be otherwise - a step to the side - goodbye. Someone "works" coughing and choking. Someone - with pleasure. Yesterday's ardent critics of the authorities (after all, it was fashionable), today they are licking the authorities with the same enthusiasm. Bye. Until the wind blows the other way.

It is noteworthy that while portraying patriotism and philanthropy, both the Office and its lackey journalists do not care about people. Emotional posts in the style of “we won’t forgive” are another hype. It's just that until the 24th it was fashionable to hype on the topic of parliamentary salaries in envelopes. Now it is in trend to hate Russians and lick the authorities.

One of the regular “mouths” of the Office, who has been earning money on Gazprom-Media for many years, once told under a good Riesling that Russians are much “higher quality” than Ukrainians. Today, a comrade serves Kirill Timoshenko and runs the main YouTube dump of incitement and harassment.

Political scientists, who only yesterday drowned three kopecks from the Opposition Platform for Life for Minsk, are now competing on a hawkish agenda. Who will tell you better about “no compromises”.

Hem wrote that only generals, speculators, staff and prostitutes can love war. Meaning those who make money in the war.

Media hangouts in Ukraine (in the mass) are not prostitutes. Comrades no longer even earn, there is no market. They are just lovers of betrayal. Himself, principles, country.

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