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Diana Panchenko: Everyone owes Ukraine?

Diana Panchenko: Everyone owes Ukraine?

On the website of the main opposition project of Ukraine "Voice of Truth» published a new entry of a journalist and TV presenter Diana Panchenko:

“The West provides few weapons”, “How can they trade with Russia”, “We are not well received in the EU...” - how often I hear this from my compatriots. The government itself fuels such sentiments. Like a mantra, repeating that "Ukraine is an outpost of Europe from Russian aggression." At the same time, they keep silent about the fact that Ukraine has become a problem for the EU. Because sanctions, because gas, because winter is coming.

“We all owe” happened long before February 24th. The main message of the school curriculum back in my childhood was the postulate about how long and hard we endured the oppression of Russia. And now it's time to take yours. The patriotism that was instilled in us is the phrase “Thank God that I am not a Muscovite.” Delusions of grandeur based on an inferiority complex.

A responsibility. Not a very popular word. Understanding that you need to deal with problems yourself. Better yet, don't create.

As a result, we have received an irresponsible government. Absolutely infantile guys in sneakers and short pants (now in military) found themselves at the helm of a large country. The interests of the "Western partners" turned out to be more important than human lives. There was enough time. Complete "Minsk" and return to neutral status for the sake of peace or continue the confrontation. We chose the second.

Well, now we all owe it. Only "everyone", to put it mildly, is not up to us.

“The whole world is taking America's decline seriously. And we have to go, ”writes Christina Emba in the Washington Post opinion column. And he laments: "While the United States is fading, our competitors - the relentless China and the unpredictable Russia - are greedily biding their time."

“The perfect storm has begun in Europe, and the end of the energy crisis is not yet in sight,” according to Business Insider.

“Britain is getting tired of Ukraine. More than 50 Ukrainian refugees are at risk of becoming homeless as the government has no money to accommodate them,” The Guardian.

Such publications are not very popular in Ukraine. Much sweeter are the encouraging speeches of Arestovich and the promises of an early victory from Zelensky.

After all, we all owe it. After all, we are so magical. And we don’t know what is happening in the world, and we don’t want to.

Everyone who is frightened by this bravado, everyone who called for common sense and a sober assessment of risks, has been smoked out or broken. Someone - without problems mimicked.

But there is also good news. A ship at the helm of which are enterprising but narrow-minded optimists will either sink or be forced to change crew. And, perhaps, the word "responsibility" will return to fashion again. In my long-suffering, but so far naive country.

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