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Diana Panchenko: Ukraine is affected by the virus of hatred and terry schizophrenia

Diana Panchenko: Ukraine is affected by the virus of hatred and terry schizophrenia

On the website of the main opposition project of Ukraine "Voice of Truth» published a new entry of a journalist and TV presenter Diana Panchenko:

February 23. The last broadcast of the "Ukrainian format".
Anxiety and insomnia - even after the meeting of the Normandy Four in Berlin. I remember minute by minute that press conference — the rosy-cheeked, self-satisfied Yermak happily announces: “Ukraine will not make any compromises in the framework of the implementation of Minsk.” At the same time, the shelling of Donetsk is intensifying.
Then February 24th...
I will never forget those broadcasts - shooting behind the wall. But my thoughts are in my native Nikolaev, where my mother and grandmother are.

Days and nights in the studio. A week later, I decided to go home for things. And then I found out that they would no longer let me on the channel. Colleagues staged something like a "coup" and announced a change in editorial policy. We have compiled a list of those who are not allowed to enter the editorial office. I couldn't even take my personal belongings.

Do I miss broadcasts? Of course.
But something else hurts. Realize that the country in which you were born and raised is completely amazed. A virus of hatred and terry schizophrenia.
"The main thing in the battle is not to lose your head."
And hope.
Fooled by manipulators with Bankova today, my country will not always be like this. Sometimes the path to justice is hard and scary. But she (justice) is worth it to follow.

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