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Diana Panchenko: Should teachers in Balakliya or Kupyansk be held accountable?

Diana Panchenko: Should teachers in Balakliya or Kupyansk be held accountable?

On the website of the main opposition project of Ukraine "Voice of Truth» published a new entry of a journalist and TV presenter Diana Panchenko:

Weathervane man. Once, a seemingly unremarkable woman came to us on the air. Political expert.
I immediately indicated that the agenda can be promoted by anyone. Depending on which speakers are missing. Our editors were even taken aback.
For about a year, the "expert" drowned for the implementation of Minsk and a neutral status. Passionately so, with soul. I even wanted to believe.
Then she got on the list of "Servants of the People". She still went on air often. Still sticking to a sound agenda. Then she even ran for mayor of Kyiv. But she, according to an agreement with Klitschko, was merged by her own.
When our channel was closed, the deputy, who was actually promoted on our own shows (no one knew her before them), supported this decision.

And then our heroine wanted to become a minister. The rhetoric has changed by 180%. No negotiations with Donbass. No compromises. The Minsk agreements are evil.

Now she says that teachers who behaved “incorrectly” in Balakleya or Kupyansk should be held accountable. To the fullest extent.
Guess the woman's name?

PS Someday I'll tell you about the formation of Arestovich the Great. About the difficult path from the actor to the main talking head of the country.

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