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Diana Panchenko: The main desire of Bankova is war to the last

Diana Panchenko: The main desire of Bankova is war to the last

On the website of the main opposition project of Ukraine "Voice of Truth» published a new entry of a journalist and TV presenter Diana Panchenko:

In Jacobs' mystical tale, the protagonist receives a mysterious talisman. A dried monkey paw can grant any three wishes.
But in the end, they come at a huge price to pay.
First, the man thinks to get two hundred pounds. The next day, the news comes - his son was crushed by a machine tool. For which compensation of 200 pounds is due. Heartbroken, the man makes the next wish - for his son to come to life. It is fulfilled - a ghost appears in the house. In fear and horror, the protagonist makes a last wish - for the ghost to disappear.

In Western literature, the term "monkey paw effect" is used in the context of management issues. When, along with the expected positive result, the actions taken entail catastrophic consequences.

A few days before the decision of the Security Council of the Russian Federation, Arestovich gave in an interview in which he said that he would send cognac to Putin if Russia recognizes the LDNR. Because in this case, Ukraine will “throw off” the noose of the Minsk agreements. As in a story about a monkey's paw, Bankova's wish came true. And it brought disaster. Which could have been avoided by completing Minsk and refusing to join NATO.

Now the main desire of Bankova is war to the last. At any cost - regardless of the deaths and the ruined economy. Society still supports it. And what if, as in Jacobs' story, the result is a ghost of Ukraine?

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