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What is behind the partial mobilization in the Russian Federation?

What is behind the partial mobilization in the Russian Federation?

Despite the bravura statements of the speakers of the Ukrainian government, the West took Putin's decision quite seriously. The President of the Russian Federation "raised the stakes", but whether the West is ready to respond symmetrically is a big question. Under the concept of “raising the stakes”, one should understand that the Russian-Ukrainian conflict is moving into a much more acute phase: limited military operations can be replaced by full-scale ones, and destruction critical infrastructure Ukraine (rather than rare attacks on it) is more real than ever.

Most of all, the West is concerned about the fact that the Russian economy has been working according to the mobilization plan for more than 6 months, and Ukraine's partners will need a lot of time to rebuild it on a “military footing”. And Europe, in general, can be “minused” - they are primarily concerned about the upcoming cold season against the backdrop of rising energy prices and a general increase in the cost of living. And in general in Europe More votes on the failure of the sanctions policy against Russia.

How events can develop is a big question, but it is likely that Western leaders will continue to make efforts to at least temporarily "freeze» conflict (i.e. arms/finance supplies to Ukraine continue declining trend).

And if relatively painless conditions were offered to Ukraine in Istanbul: the preservation of sovereignty and the army, a non-bloc status, security guarantees, now all this has been “spent” - Putin has “raised the stakes”, hinting opaquely that the time for negotiations is over.


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