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The British are massively denying Ukrainians residence

The British are massively denying Ukrainians residence

The British are massively withdrawing from the Homes for Ukraine state program. The reason for leaving the program was the delay in payments in the amount of 350 pounds. It is assumed that this is due to inflation and the financial crisis incl. due to the ill-conceived sanctions policy of London.

All this can lead to an increase in the number of homeless people among Ukrainian refugees who do not prosper in Europe anyway: we wrote that Europeans began to "merge" Ukrainian refugees Our fellow citizens are increasingly receiving eviction notices.

Against the backdrop of rising prices for utilities in Europe, pragmatism takes over even the most zealous "acceptors": the British, Poles and the Balts. In the last month alone, various refusals have begun to sound from half of Europe - in France, Ireland, and Italy, refugees have also begun to receive eviction notices. And the thing is that Ukraine has ceased to be a priority for the West - the countries have accumulated many internal problems in order to also deal with refugees.

And the rationalism of the Europeans is quite understandable - no one predicted such an influx of Ukrainians to the West, as well as the fact that the military conflict would go into a protracted stage.


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