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Bankova received another "hello" from Western partners

Bankova received another "hello" from Western partners

Bank received another hello from Western partners: Politico also confirms that Ukrainian troops commit crimes against the civilian population.
Article "Take note of the Amnesty report and don't shoot the messenger" Politico notes that the human rights report “may be politically uncomfortable for the Ukrainian government and its allies in the West, but that doesn’t make it wrong or inaccurate. No country, even severely attacked by an aggressive neighbor, is flawless.”
“A mature response to such criticism would be to take the findings seriously and work to improve army practices and protect civilians rather than shoot the messenger. President Volodymyr Zelensky would have done better to admit that even his heroic defenders are capable of making mistakes, and took the report to heart instead of
blame Amnesty in that it gave "amnesty to the terrorist state and shifted responsibility from the aggressor to the victim", emphasizes Politico.
The publication concludes that maintaining public support for the struggle of Ukraine requires a constructive response to criticism of reputable human rights organizations, and not attempts to silence them or discredit their conclusions.

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