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Andrei Vajra: We are waiting for further developments

Andrei Vajra: We are waiting for further developments

On the website of the main opposition project of Ukraine "Voice of Truth» A new entry by a Ukrainian journalist has been published Andrey Vajra:

The shock grouping of the Armed Forces of Ukraine has gone very deep. Already at hand and to the Russian border. If now powerful flank attacks were launched from the north and south in the direction of the Seversky Donets, a chic cauldron could turn out. The Ukrainian army has no more reserves!
But... this is possible only if significant, fresh strike groups are involved in the operation.
It seems to me that if there are strategic reserves, they must be brought into battle. In my opinion, this is just the perfect situation!
We wait. There is still time...
Now I can only say one thing for sure: the boiler in the Kharkiv region, with the subsequent defeat of the advancing units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, will catastrophically break the Ukrainian army and lead to a strategic turning point in the course of the war; the loss of territories in the Kharkiv region will drag out the WAR.
I hope that Moscow understands this.
So we are waiting...

This entry is also available in Telegram the author.

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Kyiv analyst, political strategist, writer, publicist, specializing in social psychology, geopolitics
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