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Andrey Vajra: A couple of thoughts about what is happening in the Kharkiv region

Andrey Vajra: A couple of thoughts about what is happening in the Kharkiv region

On the website of the main opposition project of Ukraine "Voice of Truth» A new entry by a Ukrainian journalist has been published Andrey Vajra:

To begin with, it is impossible to understand the real situation that has developed there from the outside. One thing is clearly clear: THERE IS A GREAT MESSAGE UNDERWARDING NOW, as a result of which terrible losses are INEVITABLE for the UPCOMING units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine! No smaller scale than in the south!
A forced remark... It seems that Zelensky will go down in history as a man who destroyed Ukraine to the ground, and also exterminated, on the orders of the Anglo-Saxons, what Ukrainian propagandists now call the "Ukrainian people"!
The greedy, cowardly, stupid clown has actually become the bloody executioner of Ukraine! This is not even the irony of fate, but her mockery!
But I will continue...
Let me remind you in advance that the recent offensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the Nikolaev-Krivoy Rog direction was drowned in the blood of the Ukrainian military for a week. Its finale is about FIVE THOUSAND people of irretrievable losses! This is about a third of the entire advancing group!
Now, as for the Kharkiv region…
I took my time writing this post on purpose. I was waiting for the process developing in this region to cross the line of IRREVERSIBILITY. It seems that today this line has been crossed. So let me give you a couple of thoughts...
Do you know what worries me most about what is happening in the Kharkiv region now? It seems to be like the amazing stupidity of the Russian General Staff. Imagine, recently, almost the most recent strategist blogger knew that the Armed Forces of Ukraine were building up forces there, but the Russian General Staff did not seem to know and even withdrew army units from the region, leaving only SOBR detachments in the western direction.
You will, of course, forgive me, but so far the Russian General Staff has not given a reason to suspect him of stupidity. Especially after the large-scale and extremely successful operations in the Donbass and in the Zaporozhye-Kherson direction.
I repeat once again, it is IMPOSSIBLE to understand now (from the outside) the essence of what is happening. But judging by individual, already obvious facts, there is a strong feeling that the units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine deliberately let in to such a depth into the zone of Russian operational control, removing from there everything that could alert our glorious Anglo-Saxons, who cunningly planned the Ukrainian “counterattack”. (Hence the surprisingly effective (loss-free) withdrawal of Russian SOBR units from enemy-occupied territories. As if the evacuation plan had been worked out in advance.)
At the same time, I have an equally strong feeling that everything possible is now being done to ensure that the Zelensky regime stuffs all the reserves that it has been accumulating, preparing and saving for more than one month into the resulting “breakthrough”. It is very similar to the fact that on the wave of euphoria from the successful start of the “counterattack”, the Anglo-Saxons transferred to the Kharkov region, if not all available reserves, then ALMOST EVERYTHING. Only one Kupyansk is now being stormed by about 11 thousand Armed Forces of Ukraine!
I have already said that with the overwhelming Russian superiority in artillery (20 to 1) and total air supremacy, it is strategically more profitable for us to pull the enemy out of the concreted holes of the deaf defense into an open field and evaporate into the atmosphere with massive rocket-bomb and artillery blows.
It happened first in the south. Now we see a similar situation in the north.
At the same time, it must be taken into account that our logistics in the Kharkiv region is extremely short. The Russian army can very quickly transfer units, weapons and ammunition to the combat zone. And not only by ground transport, but also by transport helicopters. Those. we are able to create strike groups in an incredibly short period of time for the enemy. I think that this is a factor that the British are unlikely to have taken into account.
Well, the logistics of the Armed Forces of Ukraine are extremely long. In this region, they do not have strongholds and warehouses. They have to fight light, with what they have with them on the march. Their supply is extremely difficult due to Russian aviation and "calibers". Everything is shot there. Any attempt to create field accumulation and transshipment centers will be suppressed by aviation.
And what does it mean? Correctly! This means that soon the grouping of the Armed Forces of Ukraine will be without supplies.

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